But I promise I have actually been doing stuff, i.e.

putting in my contact lenses, recycling the plastic shells. typing, framing and reframing. I promise I have actually been improving my financial situation. attempting to improve my financial situation. calling my mother. paying attention to the texture of the duvet. changing the sheets. working. I have been. I have been being a person in the world. Incessantly. It has been exhilarating and authentic. I have made cake and cleaned the fishtank. 

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isobel wohl artist, houses, contemporary art, abstract painting, figurative painting

those houses, eggshells, we lived there, pigments, clear gesso, fixative, water and oil on panel, 2019

Stand, solitary, clearing, spring (The Birches), no. 1, malachite, water, size and oil on panel, as shown in the exhibition BLANK LIONS at Bankley Gallery, Manchester [more photos of exhibition here]

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