But I promise I have actually been doing stuff, i.e.

putting in my contact lenses, recycling the plastic shells. typing, framing and reframing. I promise I have actually been improving my financial situation. attempting to improve my financial situation. calling my mother. paying attention to the texture of the duvet. changing the sheets. working. I have been. I have been being a person in the world. Incessantly. It has been exhilarating and authentic. I have made cake and cleaned the fishtank. 

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The moth and the flame, photogram, incisions, chemical excess and RC dryer motion, 2017

tape, painting, artwork

Tape Painting, egg tempera and oil on gesso panel, 49 cm x 50 cm (19.2 x 19.6 in), 2016

Detail of work in progress, taken in studio 30 Oct 2017
shrimp, skin, artwork

Eight Shrimp, oil on gesso panel, 18 x 35 cm (7 x 13.8 in), 2015

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