scan of first page, 'Certain Warning Cases', text accompanying Sam Williams's exhibition the actual structure is the material at Siobhan Davies Dance, September 2019. 

Text by Isobel Wohl. Design by Studio Aves. Paper by xxx. Printed by Ambrose Press.

Winter Strangers available now from MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE

Isobel Wohl is a writer and visual artist based between London, U.K. and Brooklyn, NY.

isobel wohl artist installation detail

39 Monarchs, detail

isobel wohl artist, contemporary art, plastic, bug, pin, shadows

small body, biodegradable plastic packing material and entomology pin,  2019

'But I promise I have actually been doing stuff, i.e.', 2018, text available here

isobel wohl artist painting

To the cliffs, oil on gesso panel, 24 x 18 cm, 2017

isobel wohl artist, wave, artwork, contemporary art, assemblage

Wave, found tobacco tin with sea glass, 3 cm high x 7 cm diameter (1.2 x 2.7 in), 2016

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all rights reserved.
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